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Garden Weasel has a tool for just about all of your lawn and garden project needs. Check out our tool pages to learn more about how to put Garden Weasel to work for you on your next project.
Trusted for more than 40 years, our tools are innovative, a great value, easy to use and durable. In fact, we’re so confident in the toughness of our tools that we back them with a lifetime limited warranty. Registering your weasel online is easy, click here to register and claim your lifetime warranty.

The Weasel Nut Gatherer also comes in Medium Size and Small Size to pick up nuts and items of various sizes!

Featured Product / Weasel Large Nut Gatherer

  • Easy to roll. No bending over. Saves time!

    Picks up objects 1½" to 3" in size such as walnuts, sweet gum balls, magnolia seed/flower heads and even small fruits. Capacity is approximately 1 ½ Gallon. Does not pick up acorns or pecans. The Large Weasel® Nut Gatherer is an easy to use rolling pick up tool for nuts and more. No bending over. Saves time.

  • Product Features

    Picks up objects 1½" to 3" in size such as walnuts, sweet gum balls, magnolia seed/flower heads and even small fruits. Does not pick up acorns or pecans.
    Lifetime Warranty
    Durable Welded Construction
    Tempered Steel Wire Cage
    Durable construction materials are now stronger than ever allowing you to work faster with less effort.
    Overall Height = 47.5”

  • Four Reasons to Use the Weasel Nut Gatherer

    1. Roll over any surface to gather objects.
    2. Objects collect in durable steel wire spring basket.
    3. Empty basket with quick release cage spreader.
    4. Evenly spaced heat tempered wire cage maintains its shape during use and when emptying.

New Product / Multi-Use Transplanter

  • Dig, Cultivate, Plant & Weed

    The Only Hand Tool You Need!
    Slice through roots, remove weeds and break up dirt clumps.

  • Product Features

    AluminIron™ Construction
    Engineered for dependability and lasting durability
    Lifetime Warranty

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