Want to Work Smarter, Not Harder, in the Garden? There’s a Tool for That!

Just because a peek outside your window reveals bare trees and a snow-covered yard, there’s nothing stopping you from thinking ahead to spring, when you can start tackling early gardening chores outside. Now is the perfect time to take stock of all your garden gear, so head out to your garage or storage shed and take a hard look. Chances are, some of your tools need replacing, so we’ve put together a list of three must-have tools you’ll need to create a fabulous outdoor space as soon as the ground thaws. Bonus: We’ve chosen items that do double-duty!

The 5-Way Cultivator

It hasn’t been a bestseller for 30 years by accident – this cultivator is super lightweight at just 2.5 pounds yet it masters the heavy-duty job to loosen and aerate soil in one quick, easy step. All you have to do is roll the cultivator, and its bladed wheels do the rest! The detachable tines are a snap to work with, giving you flexibility to work in between rows or in tight spaces within your flowerbeds. It even cleans itself while you work! Crafted in durable rust- and weather-resistant carbon steel and guaranteed for life, this cultivator is the only one you need in your arsenal.

Multi-Use Transplanter

The name says it all – why buy several tools when one can do it all? Whether you need to dig, cultivate, plant or weed, grab this handy pal and tackle your to-do list: Need to divide your giant hosta into four smaller plants? Just slice in between the leaves into the hard root ball. Need to bust up hard clumps of soil that are still a bit frozen? The transplanter is up for the task. Spot a few too many dandelions in your grass? Dig them out effortlessly, being sure to get the root so they don’t come back!


After a brutal winter, you’ll probably notice that the edges of your beds are looking less than crisp. No problem! You can create sharp edges without the backbreaking, wrist-straining effort by using the Edger-Chopper. Its ergonomic handle and extra-wide footplate make it quick and simple to use, and just think of all the money you’ll save by not bringing in a professional landscaper to do this job! You’ll even have time to get creative – choose a style of edging that suits your outdoor space and lifestyle.

What are your favorite go-to gardening tools? Share your photos with us!

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