Tiny Garden, Big Impact

When you have a sprawling outdoor space, the possibilities are endless, but what about those of us with small properties? Whether you have a long, narrow side garden, an urban courtyard or a little concrete patio, we’ve got some great suggestions to maximize your yard’s potential.

Change Things Up With Creative Container Placement

A garden-to-go made up of various sizes and colors of pots is a great way to instantly refresh your small space. Upcycle vintage objects like tea kettles or colanders or paint your terracotta collection in vibrant hues that will pack a punch. Use your Garden Weasel Bulb Planter when you’re ready to pop in your flowers to make the task easier on your back. Pro tip: Stick with a monochromatic color scheme, such as yellows/oranges or blues/violets so your garden won’t feel overwhelming.


Liven Things Up with a Living Wall

Maximize your growing space by planting flowers, herbs, succulents or even vegetables in a vertical garden, where the sky is the limit! Hang small pots on a fence, trellis or balcony railing, stack cinder blocks or repurpose containers such as shoe organizers to create a lush environment that takes up little valuable space. Grow climbing ivy or other varieties to add privacy or establish a focal point.

Pallet planters

Build in Some Seating Areas

Consider putting in some corner banquette seating that also has storage within, so your outdoor furniture can do double-duty while not hogging space on your patio. You can build simple benches from recycled pallets, or buy them ready-made to fit your space. Add a textured outdoor rug to make your alfresco area feel more luxurious.

Terracota 2

Light The Way

String up some lights, hang candelabras and scatter some hurricane lamps – you’ll want to make your cozy space feel warm and inviting, and proper lighting is an easy way to accomplish this. Weave twinkle lights through fences, railings and overhead to create a welcoming environment.

Hanging Round Lightbulbs

Play Up The Senses

To thrill your senses and enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest, incorporate things like water features, fragrant herbs or blossoms, and garden art strategically placed to make the most of the pretty views in your garden. Even a small fountain, a whimsical sculpture and pots of rosemary and basil will enhance the experience.

How have you made the most of a tiny garden? Share your photos with us!


Terracotta planter:
Photo Credit: gardenpower Flickr via Compfight cc

Pallet Planters:
Photo Credit: dearlinks Flickr via Compfight cc

Hanging Round Lights:
Photo Credit: laplace777 Flickr via Compfight cc

Patio with Pergola:
By Julie Aagaard from Pexels.com

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