Portable Gardens for People on the Go

Thinking about moving house and wondering what to do with your flowerbeds? Are you a renter, wondering if it’s worth it to plan a garden? Why not plant so your garden can move with you? Portable gardening is easy and fun, as long as you think outside the ‘in the ground’ box!

Versatile items you may already own can quickly become ready-to-go gardens, like foldable lightweight greenhouses or milk jugs. Anything with a handle can be repurposed, including hard-sided suitcases and toolboxes. Have an old rusty BBQ? Convert it into an herb garden! Consider upside down planters for veggies, fruit or herbs – just hang ‘em on a hook and pack ‘em up when you move on.

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, is an experienced organic gardener in Australia who has moved house 16 times. Here are some of her easy ideas for mobile gardens.

Planters on wheels: Wheelbarrows, bikes with baskets and wagons.
Containers with handles. Handbags and planter bags are ideal mini mobile gardens. Just fill with potting mix and plants.
Plant trolleys. Great for moving heavy pots.

For budget-conscious gardeners:

“One of my favorites is a wooden salad bowl. Drill a few drainage holes; add potting mix and plant with seasonal lettuces, herbs and edible flowers. A colander is perfect for flowers, herbs or ornamentals. Add a chain on the handles for hanging. Line baskets with an old tea towel and add your favourite plants. Just grab the handle when it’s time to move.”

When space is an issue:
Microgreens are a pick-up-and-grow garden you can plant in a tiny upcycled plastic box. Sow seeds in an inch of soil, and then place on a sunny kitchen bench or windowsill. I’ve had friends travel in a van around the country growing food on the road this way. I call them ‘meals on wheels’! Sprouts: You just need a jar for these, so they’re a perfect portable edible solution. Plastic stackable planters are ideal space-savers that are easy to transport. Vertical garden structures like mini greenhouses, bamboo tepees and vertical wall pockets can all be folded up. Many DIY shelf kits can also be dismantled easily and reassembled at your new house.”

Did you know that winter is the best time to move if you’re a gardener? During cooler weather, plants are dormant or growing slowly, so you can easily dig them up and transport them without damaging them.


Upcycled Tin Can & Colander Planters
Photo Credit – The Micro Gardener

Flowers in red wagon:
Photo Credit: the1pony via Compfight cc

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