Pack a Punch with These Perfect Plants for Small Gardens

Want variety in your small outdoor space? Choose plants that don’t get too tall or too wide, and leverage vertical space. Check your hardiness zone and be sure to adequately prepare your flowerbeds and soil, keeping your WeedPopper Step & Twist handy to get rid of any weeds before planting. Here’s how to pick the perfect plants as you plan out your small garden.

Pay attention to proportion

Small gardens can look cluttered if there is too much diversity, so balance out your garden borders by making them about one-third as wide as they are long – so if your border is six feet in length, make it about two feet deep. Curved lines and irregular shapes add interest, too.

Stick to a simple palette

Look for plants in two or three colors, and just a handful of varieties. Place two plants per square foot, and then play with positioning to see what else you have room for. If you pack your garden too densely, you’ll need to divide your plants sooner. You might also want to select ones that blossom more than once.

Put in some pretty perennials

Perennials provide plenty of bang for your budget, coming back every year. Look for gorgeous blooms that don’t require deadheading. Some good options include Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Daylily and Coreopsis. Mix in different textures to give your garden added depth, and choose plants with pretty foliage, such as Heuchera, Euphorbia and Sedum.

Pop in some flowering shrubs

Just because you’re short on space, you shouldn’t compromise on the year-round interest provided by compact shrubs that showcase lovely berries, bark, flowers and foliage. Consider Bottlebrush, Dogwood, Viburnum and Rhododendron.

Grow a gutter garden

For an easy, affordable hack to make efficient use of vertical space, hang aluminum gutters horizontally along a fence or railing and grow shallow-rooted plants like strawberries, salad greens, radishes and herbs. Follow a simple online tutorial for fresh edibles in no time.

Share your small garden success stories with us!

Photo Credits:

Small Garden – Flickr: Mom To Several

Yellow and Red – Flickr: Sarah

Echinacea – Flickr: Kaarina Dillabough

Rhododendron – Flickr: Phil and Jo Schiffbauer

Gutter Garden –

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