New Garden Weasel Nut Gathering Tools

Get your harvesting done with new Garden Weasel Gathering Tools!

If your yard is blessed with mature oak, pecan or chestnut trees, you probably have a love-hate relationship with autumn. Yes, the fall colors are glorious. But the acorns! The nuts! The mess across your lawn and in your flowerbeds! Did you know that an oak tree only starts producing acorns when it’s about 20 years old? After that, they can produce over 50,000 acorns each year!

Forget raking, scooping or shoveling – like most gardening tasks, the secret is using the right tool for the job! That means it’s time to check out our new Nut Gatherers, rather than bending down to pick up hundreds of pounds of pecans.

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we’ve improved our Nut Gatherers so you can now use the perfect one to handle the types and sizes of nuts you have. Here’s a quick guide to harvesting and gathering nuts:

• Gather fallen nuts every few days to preserve quality.
• Harvest hazelnuts as they fall from the trees, ideally before major rainfalls.
Walnuts are usually harvested in October, after rains crack the husk and cause the nut to fall. Walnuts deteriorate quickly, so grab ‘em before they decay!
• Mature chestnuts ripen in September and October, falling naturally from the tree.
• Within 24 hours after harvesting, dry walnuts and hazelnuts before you eat or store them. Be sure to leave room for air to circulate.
• Chestnuts are quite perishable, so clean and refrigerate them quickly.
• Store all nuts in your freezer or refrigerator.

Nuts come in all sizes and shapes, so ask yourself: does this nut fall within its husk, like black walnuts? Or does the husk open up on the tree and drop the nut, like English walnuts? Read the specs for each of the Nut Gatherers before making your choice – each one describes the size and dimension of nut it has been designed to pick up.

The Small Weasel® Nut Gatherer is perfect for picking up objects measuring 3/8”- ¾”, including small acorns, nuts, and buckeyes. The Medium Weasel® Nut Gatherer works for objects ¾”-1½”, like pecans, large acorns, hickory nuts, and crabapples. It even picks up golf balls! Use the new Large Weasel® Nut Gatherer for items measuring 1½”-3” – walnuts in their husk, walnut shells, sweet gum balls (spikey seeds), magnolia seed/flower heads and small fruits.

The tools are super-easy to use: Roll it back and forth over the area until your basket is full, then spread the tines apart over a container to empty it. The Large Nut Gatherer has a quick-release cage spreader.

Of course, no tool can pick up everything, but choosing the right one for your property will save your back and your patience!

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