You Need These 9 Time-Saving Garden Tools

Experienced gardeners know that toiling outside can be backbreaking work… unless you have the right tool for the job, that is! Today’s ergonomic shapes and innovative, high-tech designs will save you time, money and potential injuries. Since it can seem overwhelming to wander through the garden center, we’re here to help! Make sure your shed is stocked with these must-haves.

1. Shovels and spades

Your lower back will thank you if you invest in a quality shovel for big digging jobs. Look for solid wood handles and have one pointy, one rounded and one flat shaped spade on hand.

2. A pitchfork

Forget moving compost and mulch with the wrong tool – a well-made pitchfork makes it easy to handle wet leaves or straw, and is perfect for breaking up turf and dividing large plants.

3. A weeder

Weeds just love choking out other plants in the flowerbed, so it’s important to use a weeding tool that gets right down to the roots. Choose one that not only digs deep, but can also twist and pull the weeds up.

4. A garden cart or wheelbarrow

Whether you’re dragging bags of earth, heavy potted plants or rolls of sod across your property, you absolutely need something with tires that’ll cut the work in half! Look for heavy-duty construction and four wheels for extra stability.

5. An all-purpose hand tool

Having a do-it-all hand tool that can dig, plant and weed will save lots of time as you cut through roots or break up clumps of dirt. Look for one that has a serrated side, so you can easily divide plants. Bonus: Some multi-purpose hand tools also have measured inches along the blade so you can dig to the right planting depth!

6. Pruners and shears

You’ll want to get large pruners for trimming branches and trees, and a small ergonomic set that keeps your thin-stemmed plants neat. Have lots of hedges? Spring for an electric trimmer if you don’t want to do the job by hand!

7. An aerator

To help loosen up and regenerate compacted soil, get a sturdy aerating tool so that water and nutrients penetrate deeply, allowing your garden to thrive. Bonus: Aerating tools also stimulate root growth.

8. An edger/chopper

Nobody wants unruly clumps of grass growing among flowers! A sculpted edge looks fantastic and is simple to create if you grab a sharp edger/chopper with an extra-wide footplate. Just push the carbon steel blade down and you’ll slice right through overgrown turf.

9. A Bulb Planter

Forget bending over to get your spring-flowering bulbs in the ground! Pick up a long-handled bulb planter with a pointed blade so you can easily pop out a core of soil. Bonus: Use this tool when you want to create a hole for transplanting or dividing plants!

Be sure to prepare and maintain your garden tools properly – and never leave them outside in the rain or snow. Share your fave tools with us!


Wheelbarrow with weeds and pruners: Photo Credit: brotherM Flickr via Compfight cc

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