How to Make Ice Candles

Transform your walkway into a winter wonderland with ice candles

Now that Christmas is over, your holiday decorations might feel a bit… tired. How about sprucing up your curb appeal by making a bunch of gorgeous ice candles? To add a frosty touch to your décor, all you need are a few supplies and time for the water to freeze. Plus, it’s a perfect activity to do as a family:


  • Empty, clean 64-ounce and 32-ounce paper juice containers (or small and large plastic containers that can fit inside one another)
  • Balls of crumpled aluminum foil or several sticks
  • Water
  • Stones to weigh down containers
  • Candles or tea lights


  1. Put two inches of water at the bottom of each large juice container and freeze (either in your freezer or outside if the temperature is below freezing; the colder the weather, the quicker your ice candles form. It can take between 10-24 hours to fully freeze).
  2. Once frozen, put a smaller container in the center of each larger one. To keep the smaller container from moving during the next step, fill it halfway with rocks to weigh it down.
  3. Fill the space between the large and smaller cartons with water about three-quarters full. You can add food coloring to the water if you like, or colorful berries and small evergreen branches.
  4. Pack some crumpled tin foil balls between the two cartons (above the water) to keep the smaller carton in place. Or anchor it in place by putting a stick across the top of the container and taping it.
  5. Place all your containers in the freezer (or outside) overnight, until they’re frozen.
  6. Remove tin foil and rocks. To help the smaller carton slide out easily, pour some warm water into it.
  7. Tear or slide off the large container and voilà! Pop in a tea light or a candle – make sure it’s shorter than the ice so it fits inside completely, otherwise the winter wind will likely blow out your flame! Arrange your glittering lanterns on a tray, or line them along your driveway, front path or on top of a thick wooden railing.

Another neat idea: make an ice candle with balloons! Blow up a balloon and deflate it again. Then blow it up and fill partway with water. Tie the end, and freeze it. Once frozen, pop the balloon, add a tea light, and you’ll have a lovely new look for your home!

Photo Credits:
goodmami via Compfight cc

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