Make a Dinosaur Garden With The Kids

What’s more fun than making whimsical, educational gardens with the kids? You may have heard about fairy gardens, but how about creating a prehistoric dinosaur garden this time around? It’s a great way to educate little ones about extinct creatures, how they lived and what they ate. Bonus: you’ll add a play space in the garden just for them to have adventures in! You probably have everything you need in your children’s toy box, and they can be involved every step of the way.

Gather your supplies

You’ll need a large container, like a flowerpot, barrel, birdbath or you can repurpose something lying around the yard. You could also designate a small area in your flowerbed for this project. River rocks or gravel, plus earth will fill up most of the space. Toy dinosaurs of different sizes and colors will populate your garden, along with textured plants such as succulents, ornamental grasses, moss or ferns. Add a large rock to create a volcano, which the kids can paint, and create bridges or paths with small twigs.

Fill ‘er up!

Place a three-inch layer of gravel at the bottom for drainage, and fill your container with dirt, leaving a couple of inches at the top. Arrange your plants to create a prehistoric ‘hood for your dinosaurs, and add river rocks before moving your dinosaurs into their new home. You can even plant some herbs or lettuce alongside T-Rex, and encourage the kids to learn about where our food comes from. Don’t have a collection of plastic dinos? Make this indoor garden with DIY paper ones instead.

Learning through play:

Your kids will be able to create all kinds of imaginary stories and scenes while learning about dinosaur habitats. Encourage them to read stories about dinosaurs and re-enact them outside. By getting them to water and weed their dinosaur garden, you’ll be fostering a lifelong love of gardening!

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