How to Make DIY Planters for Your Garden

Container gardens are a great way to add interest and texture to your garden year-round, especially in small spaces. While there are many pots available at retail stores, why not repurpose items you already own into unique planters? You can also easily make your own planters using affordable supplies and a little know-how. Here are some of our tips for creating distinctive containers for your plants, flowers and herbs.

Be a Bookworm

Vintage hardcover books are a perfect place to plant small varieties such as succulents. Grab a few dusty volumes you may have in your basement, along with a few hand tools, and create a book lover’s planter. Since you’ll be cutting out a large hole in the center, for your plant, choose books that are at least two inches thick. Online tutorials like this one feature step-by-step instructions. Make several planters so you can group them on a table, along a floating shelf on your patio, or inside your home. They also make great holiday gifts!

Give an Old Shed New Life

We love finding new ways to use old wood in the garden! If you’re planning to replace your crumbling backyard storage shed, don’t toss it just yet. Select pieces of wood that are still in good shape, and use them to build a raised garden planter. Raised beds are ideal for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers, plus they’re kinder on your back when it’s time to weed or plant.

Choose the right spot on your lawn for the new bed and grab your Garden Weasel Edger-Chopper to sculpt a clean edge, which will make mowing easier later on. Follow the instructions from this tutorial to create several raised planters from one tired old shed in just four hours! Add a fresh coat of paint to your planter and a plastic liner to keep the soil in, and you’ll create a whole new look for your outdoor space.

Get Crafty with Concrete

Concrete can weather all kinds of outdoor conditions, making it an ideal material for planters. Instead of spending a lot of money at a big box store, you can create your own – in any size you like – using concrete mix, plastic containers, and a few tools. Check out this online tutorial for a fun weekend project that your kids can help with too!

Upcycle Everyday Items

Think outside the box to find items around your house or yard that would make lovely planters, not to mention conversation-starters. Vintage colanders and teapots look pretty as a centerpiece, while quirkier vessels such as a hollowed-out log, a pair of old boots, a trumpet, upside down umbrellas, or a bicycle basket can function as garden art. Spray paint rusty or chipped items to freshen them up, or play up their patina for a shabby-chic look. Be sure to sShare your creative garden containers with us!


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