Got Watering Woes? We’ve Got Some Good News For You!

We’re all about making gardening tasks such as weeding, digging and edging easier for people who love their outdoor space. But one thing that’s been on our to-do list for some time is figuring out a way to simplify watering while also keeping our flowerbeds and lawns hydrated and healthy. So when we met up with George Burkhardt, a retired Air Force engineer who had come up with an innovative, versatile way to ease watering woes, we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Meet the SPIO™ Sprinkler by Weasel® Innovation, backed by Garden Weasel. It’s an easy-to-use sprinkler system designed to eliminate the hassle of watering – such as getting soaked when you’re dragging your old-school sprinkler around your yard. Available with four interchangeable heads for different types of lawn and garden watering, SPIO™ features some pretty cool details, such as being able to switch between High, Low and Off settings simply by tugging on the hose from several yards away. No more getting drenched or having to run back and forth from your outdoor faucet! Plus, you’ll save money by not wasting water.

Each sprinkler head is solidly crafted to target specific types of watering tasks. The Spinner head provides a full circle of water that covers a wide area uniformly; the Pattern turret head has eight settings for irregularly shaped spaces; the Impact impulse head – which can distribute water in an arc up to 85 feet across — is ideal for large gardens; and the Oscillating head has two rows of openings to gently and evenly water your more delicate plants over 4,000 square feet. It’s also great for kids and pets to frolic in!

George Burkhardt, Inventor of the SPIO Sprinkler

Burkhardt, received a patent for the sprinkler, licensed it to Garden Weasel, and Weasel Innovation developed the concept into a market-ready product. Because we pride ourselves on designing products ‘from the ground up’, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to get the SPIO Sprinkler to market – sign up here for more information Contributing to the campaign allows you to save 30% off the purchase of the first SPIO™ Sprinklers, which are made of high-quality aluminum and come with a five-year warranty.

Give it a try and share your feedback with us! We love hearing from our gardening friends!

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