Gift Ideas for Your Gardener

‘Tis the season to be giving … and I happen to know a name you can count on for innovative, high-quality garden items that every gardener loves: Mine! The Garden Weasel! Our products are also a lot of fun to give!


Embrace the Humor

The great thing about our products is that you can have so much delight giving these innovative objects while resting in the knowledge that you’re choosing something useful and high quality. I mean, come on, when you give a present that says, “Garden Weasel,” it’s sure to bring a smile. Here are some ideas for how to wrap up some laughs along with your helpful garden gifts:

Find a garden friend. Attach a stuffed toy weasel to the outside of your package and let it become your gardener’s friend. Include a “personal” note from me, Woodrow D. Weasel. You can find stuffed weasels at,,

Create your own weasel gift wrapping paper. Find an image online of a cute little weasel like me and create your own personalized weasel gift wrap! allows you to create it on their website and they print a roll for you. Or, design your own at home and take it to a local printing company like Office Depot or FedEx Office to print out on oversize paper to use.

Write a poem or sing a song. Some of my favorite gifts have included the experience of reading a funny poem the giver wrote to go along with my present. Take an old nursery rhyme or children’s song and adapt it, or make up your own.

Make up a game. Hide the gift then send your recipient on a scavenger hunt. Use garden-related hints to help them find their present. You might even hide it in the garden shed or in a bush. Or, “plant” it in the garden.

Disguise the package. Before you wrap it, attach odd-shaped items to the tool packaging with packing tape to create a different shape to “throw off” the receiver so they can’t guess what it is. A ball, a stick, etc. Or, add a small empty can with coins in the package so it makes noise when they shake it.

Favorite Garden Weasel Tools

When you give a Garden Weasel, you are providing a time-tested, beloved garden instrument that has helped generations of gardeners create and maintain professional-looking beds and gardens. All of our products are durable and super-strong. We make them with high quality materials and we back our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our tools are designed for comfort, simple use and storage, and are weather and rust resistant.

Garden Weasel products are easy to find and affordable. You can locate products with my name on it at our website,, and they are available across the country at participating neighborhood hardware stores such as Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Westlake Hardware and more… use our retail locator on our website to find a location near you and your garden!

Weasel Nut Gatherer

One of our most unique tools is this rolling pickup device. For the gardener, this wonderful tool is almost like a toy. From a standing position, anyone can easily rid an area of pesky nuts, fruits, small pine cones and seed heads with the simple roll of the silver gathering basket at the end of the pole. What is normally time-consuming, back-breaking work becomes play-time! See for yourself!

We’ve even heard reports that the Weasel Nut Gatherer can also pick up items around the home including shotgun shells, reusable paintballs and even Legos!

Give your gardener the gift of time and a happy back with the Weasel Nut Gatherer.

New and Improved Original Garden Weasel

The product that started it all more than 30 years ago is still a favorite. And we’ve continued to combine our expertise with our customers’ feedback and make refinements to create our best Garden Weasel yet. For gardeners, this is a favorite cultivating and aerating tool. It combines the functions of a hoe and spade.


Why Will Your Gardeners Love The Gift of A Garden Weasel?

  1. Cultivation takes half the effort and is twice as fast.
  2. The tool is durable because of its super-strong, steel design. This also means the Garden Weasel can tackle tough soil.
  3. The scissor-like action breaks up soil easily. Each turn self-cleans the tool.
  4. GardenWeasel'09_LAV

    The tines are detachable and repositionable which gives the gardener flexibility to work around rows and between plants.

  5. Perfect for soil to deeper levels.
  6. Rotary tines bring weeds to the surface easily.
  7. This tool’s construction is built to last. No frustrating breakage after only a few uses.

Lavender Garden Weasel for Gals – While Supplies Last!

All the great features of our Garden Weasel are also available with a beautiful lavender handle. We also made this version shorter and lighter. All these features combine to make this a great gift for the lady gardeners in your life. Get yours while quantities last by clicking HERE.

Have some fun with your giving this year. Use our ideas or get creative on your own when you give a Garden Weasel. And remember, Garden Weasel products make great gifts any time of the year.

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