Gift Giving for Gardeners, Garden Weasel Style

When you give a Garden Weasel, you are giving more than just a tool. You’re giving a product with character, a history, an established reputation for quality, a great “gardener’s assistant” that makes jobs easier and less strain on the body.

No matter what the occasion, we encourage our friends to embrace the humor whenever you give a Garden Weasel. To help you get in the spirit and see what we mean by “Garden Weasel style,” we’ve got a few ideas started here to inspire you!

Dynamic Duos

Pairing gifts with a theme can make the giving, and the getting, so much fun. We’ve chosen a few of our products and paired them with some fun related items as examples, but don’t stop here. After you look over what we’ve come up with, check out our product list, tap into your creativity and see what ideas emerge! We’d love you to share with us what you dream up!

Go A Little Nuts…

Weasel Nut Gatherer & Nut Mix (or Nutcracker)


About this Tool: Lots of pesky items can drive gardeners a little nutty. This rolling nut-gathering device makes the back-bending work of picking up nuts, fruits, small pine cones and seed heads an easy, enjoyable stand-up job with the simple roll of the silver gathering basket at the end of the pole.

Gift Pairing Ideas: You could go a ‘lotta ways with a gift called “Weasel Nut Gatherer,” if you know what I mean! Who can resist the idea of attaching a note about the recipient being a little nutty or making sure not to use the tool on family members (“not for use on human beings”)?!

We thought it would be fun to combine a Weasel Nut Gatherer with a nutcracker – a holiday decorative choice or one that actually works like the Best Nut Cracker (As Seen on TV) available at Target or Or how about a nice nut mix. Men’s Health rated Planters NUTrition Heart Healthy Mix ($5+) among the 50 Healthiest Snacks in America. It has a heart-protecting blend of all sorts of (not-human) nuts. Easy to find at Wal-Mart, groceries, pharmacies or dollar stores. Williams Sonoma has beautifully packaged tins for a more upscale choice.

Inspire a Twist and Shout…

Weasel WeedPopper & Mr. Poppers Penguins (or Garden Boots)

95006_W_WP_Pro_CU.300 PopperCover

About this Tool: Weeds grow wild and can quickly get out of control. We have a great tool for pulling them. The Weasel WeedPopper Step & Twist and WeedPopper Pro call to mind the playful pogo sticks of yesteryear’s childhood and practically turn the back-breaking work of weed pulling into play time! The gardener will be so happy that the job is made as easy as a simple step and twist, they’ll want to shout for joy when they’re finished, and maybe even do a jig.

Gift Pairing Ideas: Inspired by the childlike quality of the tool, we thought it would be perfect to create a gift set with the children’s book classic, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The humorous adventure of a house painter and his brood of penguins is well-suited to our products, too. The book was also made into a feature film with Jim Carrey. (Both available on

If this approach doesn’t suit your recipient, a pair of garden boots or clogs might be a fitting alternative. As a weasel, naturally I prefer to garden barefoot, but I know humans sometimes need to protect their feet. It would be recommended to use the Weasel Weed Poppers with shoes on. We found some favorites for feet:

Sloggers are made in the USA since 1948. Well-made, available in fun colors and prints on its website, or on Amazon. Their Classic Garden Clogs are an affordable, good-quality option ($20-30)

Bogs Footwear’s goal is to make the most comfortable and durable footwear in the world. They can handle any job.

Stir Things Up…

Garden Weasel & Garden Wheel (or Gloves, Weasel PJs or Book)


About this Tool: The product that started it all more than 30 years ago is still a favorite. For gardeners, this is a favorite cultivating and aerating tool that helps stir up the soil and get it perfectly ready for planting. It combines the functions of a hoe and spade.

Gift Pairing Ideas: Since the purpose of the Garden Weasel is to prepare the soil, why not match it up with an item that inspires or assists the gardener with what to do with the soil after they’ve used their Garden Weasel tool? That could be seeds for an unusual plant, or a gift card to their favorite supplier. Other practical ideas include:

A Garden Wheel ($10, $55 for set of 6) is a unique planning tool. Simply turn the wheel and plan the garden. It’s an all-in-one resource for growing requirements. Weatherproof and available for different types of gardens (vegetable, perennial, annual, herbs, etc.)

Gloves are helpful when using tools. Nitrile Gloves ($5) at Gardener’s Supply Company ( fit like second skin, and are tough-but-flexible, latex-free options in fun colors. Bionic Gloves were created for gardeners with arthritis. Developed with an orthopedic hand surgeon, they provide extra support and mild compression to help reduce pain and discomfort.

To be a little more impractical but completely whimsical, how about Weasel Men’s Pajamas or a Never Tease A Weasel book (available online at Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble for $6-10).

Now that you have put together such creative twosomes, how will you present your package? Check out my post from last year for even more ideas on how to go all out in Garden Weasel style when you give your gardener their gift this year. (DEC 2012, Gift Ideas for Your Gardener)

Tools List: Weasel Nut Gatherer, Weasel Gatherer Pro, Weasel WeedPopper Step & Twist, Weasel WeedPopper Pro, Garden Weasel.

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