Get More From Your Garden with Perennials that Bloom Twice as Long

Planning to create a lush and colorful garden this season? Perennials that come back year after year are a great investment for your flowerbeds and containers. However, since most perennials flower for a short time, consider investing in plants that bloom repeatedly throughout the season. With the proper care, these flowers can bloom two or three times a year. Keep your Garden Weasel Bulb Planter and hand tools by your side.

1. With a name like Reblooming Iris Immortality, you’re guaranteed fragrant blossoms twice this year – in June and towards the end of the summer. Plant them in a sunny spot, and dead-head them to encourage the growth of new bulbs.

2. Choose one of nearly 20 species of daylilies for multiple blooms, once in late spring and again at the end of August. These bright yellow blossoms thrive when watered frequently. Plant them in a sunny area.

3. Delphiniums have about 300 species, and most gardeners plant lilac or purple varieties. Cut flowers right down after they bloom so you’re rewarded with a second display of flowers in early September.

4. Clusters of compact yarrows produce lovely daisy-like flowers, and the Seduction Series not only blooms twice in full sun, it also attracts butterflies and beneficial insects.

5. Bougainvillea, a quick-growing, flowering shrub with 18 species, tolerates drought and grows well either in full sun or part shade. Not only does it often bloom twice, but it’s also resistant to most bacterial and fungal diseases.

6. Blooming from spring to early summer, the part-shade loving Songbird Series columbine provides large, colorful flowers in blue and white, red and white, yellow, rose and white and pure white.

Which varieties have you had twice the luck with? Share your photos with us!

Photo Credits

Reblooming Iris Immortality – Flickr: Katie Jacobson

Daylily – Flickr: Liz

Delphiniums – Flickr: Joseph Zemuda

Yarrow – Flickr: Agaat

Bougainvillea – Flickr: Robert Ang

Songbird Series columbine – Flickr: Geoff Handley

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