Get Crafty! How to Make a Wreath with Evergreen Branches from Your Yard

Making a stunning Christmas wreath is simple. Really! This traditional and festive holiday symbol can then be displayed on front doors, mirrors, or a fireplace mantel. They make fabulous gifts, too! Gather the right supplies – like branches and seedpods from your garden – then choose some bling to decorate. Don’t forget your holiday spirit!

Choose your materials:
Look for healthy evergreen branches from cedar, spruce, boxwood or pine trees, supple twigs, interesting seed heads, berries and pinecones. You’ll need about 20 branches, and feel free to mix things up! Take only what you need, and remember: Don’t snip your neighbor’s branches without permission. When cutting branches, always cut the stem back to a side branch or a bud, especially with pines and spruces.

Prepare your branches.

Using garden shears, trim your branches to about 6 inches. Wear garden gloves to protect your hands from thorns.

Get the right frame.

Bend a wire coat hanger into a circle, or buy a wire frame at your local craft or floral shop. For a lusher-looking wreath, choose a double-wire frame.

Attach floral wire to the wreath frame.

Twist one end of floral wire or twine around the frame so it stays in place.

Grab three or four evergreen branches with the tips all facing the same way. Lay the bunch on your frame, and wrap the floral wire securely around the stems at least three times. Don’t cut the wire! You’ll need it until the end. With a second bundle, overlap the stems of the first bunch diagonally, and then wrap wire around the stems. Keep adding bundles of branches until you’ve completely covered the frame with foliage and branches. Tuck the last branches into the first bunch. Feel free to adjust stems to make them look better.

Tie off the wire. Form a loop at the end of it, so you can use the wire to hang your wreath. If you used a coat hanger, you already have a loop!

Add some bling!
Embellish your wreath with clusters of berries, holly, fruit, bells or pinecones. Leave them au naturel, or spray-paint them gold or silver before adding to the wreath with floral wire. Finish your wreath with a length of festive ribbon and hang some candy canes for the little ones!

Or, think beyond the circle: Why not make a teardrop-shaped wreath out of dogwood and rosehips? They’re easy to bend and tie together.

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Photo Credit: Tobyotter via Compfight cc

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