Garden-themed Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

What do you give a gardener for the holidays? We’ve got you covered with our list of must-haves.

Put together an essential assortment of tools
Serious gardeners need dependable tools to get the job done, and no garden shed is complete without the Garden Weasel Cultivator, the WeedPopper Step & Twist and the Garden Claw Pro. Whether you need to aerate your soil, remove deep-rooted weeds or create a blank canvas for new flowerbeds, having these garden tools handy makes the work that much easier come springtime.

Gorgeous garden books will spark ideas
Bookworms will be delighted to curl up with an illustrated gardening book so they can begin dreaming of what they’d like to grow once the snow melts. Some great volumes released recently include Living Décor: Plants, Potting and DIY Projects, Vertical Vegetables: Simple Projects that Deliver More Yield in Less Space, Growing Your Own Tea Garden, Grow in the Dark and The Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to grow plants no matter where you live.

Hand out a handmade garden stake
Custom garden stakes are a thoughtful gift that literally put a gardener’s stamp on a space. You can get the gardener’s name crafted out of metal, etched onto wood or engraved in stone.

Offer a pair of waterproof gardening boots or shoes
Flowerbeds can be a messy affair, so a sturdy pair of waterproof gardening boots or shoes make a wonderful gift. Look for non-slip soles, comfy lining, and ones that are easy to step into and out of. Make it fun by choosing brightly colored footwear that’ll make them happy to pull these on every time they go out in the garden.

Pick up a paper pot maker
Here’s a great eco-friendly way to transform newspaper into the perfect seed starting pots. The Paper Pot Maker includes a simple tool that allows gardeners to wrap a strip of newsprint around a solid oak press, twisting it into a useful plant pot that can be transplanted right into the ground.

Protect gardener’s hands with high-quality gloves
Gardening is wonderful for your health, but without the right pair of gloves, your fingers can quickly get full of thorns and splinters. Grab a couple pair of durable, well-fitting, breathable gloves such as Foxgloves, which are super-thin to make it easy to transplant, weed and work with seeds. Longer cuffs also protect wrists and forearms.

Give bees a chance
Bees provide an important source of pollination for plants, so help the gardener on your gift list attract them to the yard with a bee nester, which offers up a home for these beneficial insects. A bee house will boost their garden’s productivity: Did you know that one Mason bee can visit as many as 1,000 flowers per day?

Let small-space gardeners expand their growing area
We’re big fans of vertical gardening, and these Vertical Wall Garden Planter Pockets let users grow lots of food right on a fence, a wall or a balcony railing. Made of non-toxic, eco-friendly fabric, these pockets are stackable, so you can string together as many as you like.


What garden-themed gifts are on your list this year? Share your ideas with us!



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