Family Projects That Celebrate Earth Day

Gardening is so much more fun when we involve our children, and what better time to get them out there than Earth Day, where we celebrate the environment and work towards improving our planet, one seed at a time. Earth Day is the perfect chance to teach our kids about nature, where our food comes from, how flowers grow and much more.

Some of the outdoor games you can play while tending your backyard include a contest to see who can pull up the most weeds in 10 minutes, how to identify healthy insects in the garden or making garden-themed crafts. Kids who grow up in the garden will likely become passionate gardeners later on, so here are some fun projects the whole family can do together.

With the global honeybee population declining, now’s the time to help save the pollinators. Planting bee-friendly plants in your garden – including hyacinth, sedum, snapdragons and asters – is one great way, and here’s another: because honeybees visit up to 2,000 flowers each day, they require a steady supply of water, so why not make a Honeybee Watering Station for them! Just follow these simple directions from DIY gardener and crafter Diane Hoffmaster, who blogs about green and healthy living from Liburn, GA.

Forget forking over your cash for watering cans – you can make them yourself using recycled materials! Just wash out large plastic milk jugs, juice containers or laundry detergent bottles (make sure they have screw-on lids and handles), and drill a few holes in the cap. You can make smaller holes with a needle, perfect for watering seedlings, or larger holes to water your flowerbeds. Bonus: while commercially sold watering cans can be too heavy for little hands to carry, these homemade ones are easy for kids to handle when they’re on watering duty. Or, rig an upside-down soda bottle to become a self-watering system for your plants.

Speaking of recycling, get your kiddos to start collecting the metal bottle caps off of dad’s beer bottles. Once you have a few dozen, grab your hot glue gun, some paint and brushes, and several wooden skewers to make these adorable Bottle Cap Flowers, which are super-easy to make.

You can also repurpose old bicycle wheels or hubcaps to make giant flower sculptures – just paint them all the colors of the rainbow and let your imagination be your guide!


Honeybee watering station: Courtesy

Bottle Cap Flowers: Courtesy

Recycled water bottle upside down
Photo Credit: JonParry via Compfight cc

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