Create a Gorgeous Fall Garden

If you start getting wistful about flowering gardens once Labor Day arrives, we’ve got great news for you! Many autumn plants are just hitting their stride, and you’re in for vibrant blossoms and foliage for weeks to come if you plant these lovely specimens in your outdoor space. Here are some of our fave flowers and plants that can withstand chilly nights.

Autumn crocus
With its soft pink, white or purple blossoms, this perennial is actually part of the lily family. Plant it through September.

Known as a ‘false sunflower’, this gorgeous yellow bloom is planted in late spring for autumn blossoms.

Maidenhair Tree 
Looking for a hardy tree? This variety has lovely fan-shaped leaves that turn bright gold when the weather cools.

Tired of deer chomping on your hedges? This shrub grows deep purple berries in the fall that deer won’t want to devour!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
If you get plenty of sun plus afternoon shade, this plant is perfect: its leaves turn from white to red, yellow, orange or burgundy in the fall.

Toad Lily
These speckled perennials are pink or purple, and thrive in shady conditions in rich, moist soil.

Want to attract butterflies to your fall garden? Plant a patch of helenium! Part of the sunflower family, these bold orange and yellow blooms add a punch of color.

This native tree does triple-duty, producing luscious white flowers in the spring, yummy edible berries in early summer and show-stopping foliage come autumn. Bonus: it’s practically maintenance free!

Fragrant and delicious when added to fall dishes such as roasted veggies, rosemary does very well throughout the fall, and its spiky foliage adds interest.

Japanese Anemone
If you have shady space plus room for a flower that spreads, consider these single or double-blossoms, which come in white, pale pink or purple.

These flowers only get better and brighter as the weather cools! Bonus: cut them for indoor arrangements and the blooms will just keep coming! Dig up and store the tubers before the winter for planting again in the spring.

Ornamental Kale
While you can’t chop it up into a salad, this stunning purple and green plant will reward you with lots of color if you keep it well watered.

Russian Sage
With its silvery foliage and lovely aroma, this herb is as pretty as it is tasty!

Because there are so many varieties to choose from, you can’t go wrong by planting anything in this family – star-shaped pink or yellow flowers provide great color until the snow comes!


Autumn Crocus: Photo Credit: deradrian Flickr via Compfight cc

Serviceberry: Photo Credit: Crawford Brian Flickr via Compfight cc

Japanese Anemone: Photo Credit: Bear Clause Flickr via Compfight cc

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