Create a Garden Birds Will Love

Who doesn’t love fine-feathered friends? Colorful, chirping birds are welcome in any garden. Here are a few simple tips to follow to make sure yours is the most popular spot in the ‘hood!

• Feeding time!

Bird food comes in so many formats, it’s enough to get anyone’s beak in a bunch: Mixed seeds, suet cakes, sugar water, and so much more. Deciding which food will work in your backyard can easily be figured out:

  • What kinds of birds are visiting your garden? Blackbirds, for example, won’t touch striped sunflower seeds, because their seeds are tough to crack. Black oil sunflower seeds will please all seed-eating birds with their high fat content and thin shells.
  • Cardinals will eat safflowers, but most other birds won’t eat this hard-shelled treat.
  • Seeing lots of leftovers in your birdie buffet? Try another type of seed.
  • Consider putting your feeders closer to the ground, as birds such as doves and sparrows eat at this level. Finches, however, like small tube feeders – bird condos!
  • Tired of cleaning up seeds altogether? Spring for the pricier but neater shelled varieties.
  • Suet cakes, which often have berries and seeds mixed in with fat, are a bird fave.
  • Birds crave insects, too! Check out this fantastic DIY bug house, made by the Empress of Dirt.

• Shelter from the storm

Birds love shrubs, bushes and trees, where they can rest and hide from predators. They also need this space to build nests for their babies and be protected from harsh weather. Birdhouses, nesting boxes and birdbaths are all great elements to add to your garden, as they’re both practical and lovely to look at. Observe what kinds of birds you see most often in your yard before buying or building shelter for them. Here are some fab ideas for easy-to-make and stylish birdhouses.

• Quench that thirst!

Birdbaths aren’t actually for bathing. While many birds might splash themselves here and there, they don’t swim or wash in the water. Make sure the one you buy or build has a safe, shallow, dry area for birds to perch upon. Birds can drown in water deeper than two inches. Also, empty and replenish the water often. Here’s a super-fun DIY thirst-quencher, created out of a cookie sheet!

What kinds of birds visit your garden? Share your photos and stories with us!


Photo Credit: Vicki’s Nature via Compfight cc

2 birds and feeder:
Photo Credit: photomason via Compfight cc

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