How to Bring Music Into the Garden

The best gardens are sensory retreats – captivating visitors through gorgeous sights, smells and textures. And while water features add a relaxing tone to your outdoor space, incorporating music will enhance your experience even more. Here are some ways to bring sweet notes outside.

Hang up various sets of wind chimes

Whether you have a collection of colorful souvenir chimes from your travels or have picked some up at a yard sale, wind chimes add a lovely dimension of sound outdoors. Tubes made of aluminum, glass, seashells or bamboo will all sound different, creating a symphony every time the wind picks up. You can even make your own wind chimes using recycled materials such as vintage silverware, bottle caps, keys or glass beads! String them up in branches, off balcony rails or on freestanding poles dotting your flowerbeds.

Set up wireless outdoor speakers

Whether you have a sprawling yard, a poolside deck or a tiny patio, having outdoor speakers provides a fantastic listening experience. Specifically designed to weather wind, rain and cold, these speakers will last for many seasons. Many brands are coated with UV resistant resin and housed in ABS casings to protect them from the elements. You do get what you pay for, so be sure to research all your options online, and then listen to several types to assess sound quality, waterproof design, simple installation and value – prices can range up to thousands of dollars! Some speakers have wall-mounted galvanized steel brackets included, while others are designed to blend in with your garden – nothing beats listening to rock music coming out of a speaker that looks like… a rock! If you choose a model that allows you to rotate your speakers, don’t forget to align them towards your home, and monitor how loud your music will be, so your neighbors don’t protest.

Hire local musicians

For a special occasion or a casual family gathering, having live music in your garden is memorable for everyone. Check if area colleges with music programs have students willing to perform a concert, or book a string quartet or other ensemble online. Your guests won’t want to go home! Have a fire pit and a friend or family member who plays guitar? Set up your own campfire concert!

Tell us how you’ve incorporated music in your outdoor oasis and share your photos, too!


Speaker designed to look like a rock: Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc

Blue wind chimes: Photo Credit: jeffreyhinkley Flickr via Compfight cc

Mini speaker in cup: Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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