Add Some Living Wall Art To Your Home

Now that the ground is frozen and we can’t dig in the dirt or plant new flowerbeds, it’s time to bring some lush garden elements inside. We all know how fabulous vertical gardening can be – especially in small spaces – but did you know that incorporating some living wall art in your home not only provides a show-stopping focal point, but also adds sound-absorbing properties and improves air quality: a 50-square-foot vertical garden produces the same amount of oxygen as a 14-foot-tall tree! Green walls are a hot decorating trend, so here are some options that will liven up any interior.

Choose the right spot

Just as you would for an outdoor garden plan, be sure your wall-mounted vertical garden has plenty of light, whether it comes from a nearby window or a skylight. If you don’t have enough natural daylight, consider adding an additional light fixture, or choose plants that tolerate low light, such as philodendrons or pothos.

Figure out the framing

Whether you’re a DIYer and want to build your own frame, or you prefer picking up a pre-made one, there are tons of options for materials. Choose from wood, steel, or recycled materials. You can also use an upcycled pallet or angled plant trays that hang like shelving. Tack a plastic sheet onto the frame to avoid water leakage.

Small space, huge impact

If you just want a tiny bit of living art, this rustic, wood-framed box garden kit is made in California and packed with lovely succulents is designed to grow indoors or out. You can either hang it up, or lay it out on your table as a sculptural centerpiece. Bonus: Succulents are super easy to grow and maintain.

Select your plants and the best watering option

Species that do well in living walls include snake plants, peace lilies, English ivy and certain ferns. You can even plant a vertical herb garden and hang it in your kitchen for easy access to fresh cooking accents. To keep your plants thriving, they’ll need water. Some companies feature self-watering living walls, which require very little maintenance. Other options such as this system by Suite Plants require watering only every four to six weeks via a tank hidden in the frame. Make sure you don’t overwater, and if your plants stay in pots within a frame, you should regularly take them out and clean your wall so bugs don’t hatch.

Bringing nature into your home allows you to reap the rewards of gorgeous plants all winter long. Green walls can transform any ordinary room into a fabulous environment, plus they act as a natural air conditioner while balancing humidity levels. Homeowners with little garden space will love living wall art that takes up little room while creating an instant conversation-starter!

Have you installed a living wall in your home? Share your photos with us!


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