9 Hard to Kill Plants to Add to Your Garden

Hands up if you sometimes feel like a serial plant killer with two black thumbs! We’ve all been there – we select a lovely specimen at the garden center and then either plant it in the wrong place or in soil that is less than ideal, or we watered it too much or too little, and then… poof! It withers away.

Don’t get discouraged! We’ve collected some hardy and low-maintenance plants that you can tuck into those spots where recently deceased varieties once drooped.

If you travel frequently, this variety – sometimes called ‘vacation plants’ – are pretty much impossible to kill. In fact, you only have to water them once a month! Bonus: succulents come in many colors, sizes and shapes, so they’ll fit in your garden anywhere.

Looking for a plant that keeps on giving, while being super hardy? Pick up a few varieties of hostas. These perennials have long been gardeners’ fave, because they provide lots of ground cover, do well in the shade and thrive in nearly every soil condition. Bonus: hummingbirds love the flowers that sprout from hostas.

Did you know that ferns outlived the dinosaurs? That means they are likely to love your garden! They grow in full sun with little water, making them a great choice for busy gardeners.

Growing several feet tall with multi-colored petals to suit any garden design, daylilies can adapt to a range of soil conditions. Plant them along a fence and they quickly propagate and look gorgeous.

Low-growing and drought-resistant, sedums hold in moisture and do very well in hot climates and on rooftop gardens. Bonus: Many varieties have lovely pink, white or yellow blossoms come fall.

Ornamental grasses
Swaying in the breeze, these plants are elegant and do well in dry climates.
Bonus: Most grasses transform into interesting seed heads or produce lovely colors, and if you leave them be for the winter, they turn into living sculptures once the snow falls.

Also called the ZZ Plant, this variety grows in shopping malls and airports, so you’d have a hard time killing it! Needing little water or light, it’s one of the easiest varieties to grow.

Trailing Pansy
If you enjoy blossoms through autumn, you’ll love this plant. These pansies work either in containers or along garden borders. They grow quickly in full or partial sun, and will fill in gaps in your flowerbeds.

Have kids who frequently stomp through your garden? Petunias can take it! They’re drought-tolerant and flourish in partial shade to full sun, making them ideal in your yard, with blossoms from spring through to the fall.

Which hard-to-kill plants have you had good luck with? Share your garden photos with us!


Succulents: Source: Pexels.com

Petunias: Photo Credit: BGDL Flickr via Compfight cc

Ornamental grasses: Photo Credit: sedum69 Flickr via Compfight cc

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