8 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Plant Afterwards

What better way to show the special mother or grandmother in your life how much you love her than giving her a gift that keeps on giving? While plants and flowers are always appreciated by people who love to garden, we’ve rounded up some wonderful gift ideas that you can plant afterwards.

Enjoy a crop of mushrooms

Does your wife, mom or grandma love cooking with mushrooms? Exotic ones like Shittake are expensive, but if you buy a kit of spores, such as this one from Field and Forest, you can grow your own in a fallen log! Bonus: you’ll get crops for several years.

Watch what happens with a handful of coins

Give mom some Seed Money and you’ll be amazed how far it goes! Created in California with handmade paper embedded with seeds, you can literally watch your investment grow if you plant them in the garden! Choose from four different coins, each featuring different organic, heirloom seeds: pennies grow Black-Eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon and Shirley Poppy; nickels will reap herbs like cilantro, basil, dill and thyme; dimes transform into root veggies and quarters will yield salad fixings like radicchio and endive.

Use up the pencil, and then let it grow!

Ideal for doodlers or list-makers that value sustainability, this Pencil Sprout looks like an ordinary cedar pencil. But when you get down to the stub, you can plant it upside down and before you know it, herbs, flowers or vegetables! With 14 different non-GMO seeds to choose from, you’ll find the perfect pencil for every woman in your life!

Give three wishes… or more!

Who doesn’t love it when a wish comes true? With this Garden of Wishes flower kit, Mom gets six different types of seeds, and each one has a unique meaning: Sweet Pea seeds for friendship; pinks for strength; forget-me-nots for love; daisies for clarity; lavender for happiness and baby’s breath for joy. Pop them into containers or right in the ground – they also come with plant markers. Or, pick up a few packages of these Plantable Wish Cards made in Boulder, CO. Have Grandma write down her wishes, dreams or prayers using the included mini-pencil, then plant the cards so the wishes come true – in the form of gorgeous blossoms. Each card is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds.

Love sweet-smelling candles? Mom will enjoy the packaging even more!

Made in New York, these botanical soy candles not only smell fantastic when lit, but they also come in a lovely gift box made of seed-infused packaging. Light up the candle – which can burn for 60 hours – and then soak the packaging before placing it under a layer of soil. In a few weeks, crimson Flanders poppies and wildflowers will burst into bloom.

A perfect gift for letter-writers

Why send a birthday card or thank you note when you can send these fabulous Garden Grams instead? Each greeting card has one of three seed varieties embedded in it, along with a cute greeting and a vibrant envelope.

Grow your own Bonsai tree

Pick one of three adorable varieties, which come with their own pots and peat blocks. Mom or Grandma will love learning how to grow and train this Bonsai tree.

What are you going to buy for Mother’s Day this year?


Seed Money: Courtesy of LeafCutterDesigns.com

Garden Grams: Courtesy of Bloomin.com

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