8 DIY Projects Using Upcycled Wood From Your Garden

With cooler temperatures and higher winds, you probably have lots of fallen branches in your yard, or dead tree limbs you haven’t gotten around to hauling away. You may even have had to cut down a beloved tree. But wait! Before you pitch it all on the compost pile, check out some of these fun DIY projects repurposing that same wood!

Pump up your stump
Turn that lonely tree stump into a focal point by hollowing it out and putting in colorful plants that will blossom from spring through fall. Or you can make these charming side tables with just a few tools and some stain.

Make an old-school style fence
Back in the 12th century, farmers used fallen tree limbs and branches to weave wattles, which are lightweight fences perfect for a rustic garden. Use these to delineate raised flowerbeds, as a privacy screen, or to divide your space into rooms.

Craft a twig trellis or arbor
When you’re short on space, vertical gardening is a great way to add more flowers or veggies. Use branches to put up a trellis against your fence, or an arbor along your garden path, so climbing plants have somewhere to go.

Build a show-stopping garden path
It’s sad when you have to cut down a majestic tree, but here’s a great way to honor it – by transforming cut up slabs to create a beautiful log pathway that meanders through your outdoor space.

Make a rustic staircase handrail
A long branch makes the perfect safety rail for indoor or outdoor use. All you need to do is pick up some brackets and bolt it to your wall!

Build a pergola or gazebo
Feeling ambitious? Here are a few fun projects to transform a large quantity of branches into something really spectacular!

Clean up some clutter
No entryway closet? No problem! Hang up this DIY branch coat rack instead!

See, there are tons of ways to clean up your yard AND upcycle fallen twigs, branches and logs! Show us some of your most creative projects!


Tree stump planter: Photo Credit: Melinda Stuart Flickr via Compfight cc

Wattle fencing: Photo Credit: zsoltsandor83 Flickr via Compfight cc

Tree Stump side tables: A Beautiful Mess

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