8 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Sure, you can hop in your car and head to the nearest big-box store to buy all your outdoor Christmas decorations, but why not pump up your yuletide spirit by making your own? Here are some fun and family-friendly DIY projects, many crafted with materials found in your own yard, guaranteed to add some ho-ho-ho to your holidays.

Raid your winter garden and look for native trees that produce lovely berries, ideal for decoration and also great to feed birds! Holly, hawthorn, sumac, bayberry and mountain ash can be used for lots of lovely decorations, from festive wreaths to rustic arrangements in your favorite urns, planters and window boxes. If you have fallen branches such as birch lying around, hollow out the tops, pop in battery-powered votive candles and arrange near your front door.

Got any vintage snowshoes, skates, sleds or skis in the garage? Hang or prop them up on the front door, porch or railing, and decorate with twigs, ribbons, or strands of lights.

If you have an old wooden bench, put it to use on your balcony, layering it with evergreen garlands, lights and baskets of large pinecones.

If you haven’t picked up all the acorns or nuts on your property, use your Nut Gatherer to scoop them up, then treat them to a coat of gold or silver spray-paint. Metal buckets are perfect for creating winter arrangements using firewood, sculptural branches, pinecones and whatever else you find outside. Place them in the snow to make interesting focal points.

Grab a couple of old black belts and turn recycled metal cans into adorable Santas.

Set up your patio set on the front lawn for a winter alfresco scene, using lots of lights, battery-operated candles and greenery. Maybe Santa and his elves will stop and grab a bite!

Build a giant Christmas star with your children, using inexpensive yardsticks. Lean it against some hedges or a fence for instant impact. Or create lighted star nests with hanging woven baskets decorated with twinkle lights. Put acorns, berries or small ornaments inside your ‘nest’ and vary the heights.

Using sturdy wire, make five or six hanging collars for Mason jars, which you can fill with tiny white or colored lights, or battery-operated votive candles. Hang them in a bunch using burlap or heavy twine, and decorate with ribbons or greenery. Don’t forget your walkway and front stairs – line up rows of homemade ice candles to welcome guests.

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Yardstick Star:
Credit: Crystal Johnsen, LittleBitFunky.com

Skate hanging on red door:
Photo Credit: LouiseLePierres Flickr via Compfight cc

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