7 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts Gardeners Will Love

You already know that Dad or Grandpa will appreciate anything you give them on their special day, but if you could put a big grin on their faces with the perfect gift, that makes the event even more fun, right? We found some fabulous gadgets and tools that will appeal to green thumbs of every level!

1. Adopt a Bee or Butterfly
If the man in your life wants to save pollinators as much as we do, consider adopting a Monarch butterfly or honeybee in his honor through the World Wildlife Fund. This gift comes with a nice adoption kit and other thank-you gifts, too!

2. Get rid of clutter that falls from trees
Have an acorn or nut tree in the backyard that leaves behind a huge mess? Grandpa will love his own Weasel Gatherer, which easily picks up seeds, pinecones, nuts and small fruit.

3. Keep tools in tip-top shape
Speaking of gardening tools, every shed has a pile of knives, pruners and spades that have seen better days. Bring them back to life with the AnySharp Multi-Tool Sharpener, which features two types of tungsten carbide blades to rejuvenate, hone and sharpen nearly any tool in the garden or the kitchen.

4. Start an eco-project with the kids
Some of the best gifts involve spending time together, especially when you can learn something at the same time. Nancy B’s Science Club® Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit & Decomposition Book is a great way to teach children about composting, because the transparent windows allow you to watch a banana peel or other organic matter break down right before your eyes! Bonus: The kit comes with an activity journal, so Grandpa and the little ones can keep track of everything they put in there.

5. Attract beneficial bugs to your yard
Make sure pollinators, lacewings and ladybugs feel welcome by installing this Beneficial Insect Hotel Stake for Nesting and Resting. This bamboo, fir and plywood ‘hotel’ provides shelter for friendly insects to lay their eggs and stay safe during storms. The horizontal slots attract lacewings, vertical slots are ideal for bees to nest, and holes are for ladybugs.

6. A top-notch mulcher will help keep weeds down
Rather than buying dozens of bags of wood chips, let Dad have some DIY fun with this lightweight yet powerful electric leaf mulcher, which transforms up to 53 gallons of leaves into mulch every minute! Bonus: Once gathered in the attached bag, you can simply empty it onto your flowerbeds to help retain soil moisture and deter weeds.

7. The perfect mug for a coffee break!
The best time to water your garden is early in the morning before the sun’s heat can dry up all the moisture, so Dad will probably need a shot of caffeine as he sets up the sprinkler or carries the watering can around. Kafé in the Box is double-walled, so it’ll keep hot beverages at the perfect temperature, no matter how many plants need watering!

What did you get Dad or Grandpa for Father’s Day?


Wooden insect hotel: courtesy Gardeners.com

Compost Kit: courtesy Educational Insights

Multi-Tool Sharpener: courtesy of Any Sharp

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