7 Amazing Ways to Use Cinder Blocks in the Garden

We love garden hacks that use reclaimed or upcycled items to transform outdoor space. Chances are, you have a random pile of cinder blocks somewhere out back or in a corner of the garage. Dig ‘em out, because we’ve got some fabulous, affordable ideas for you right here!

1. Make a raised herb garden bed

With just 10 cinder blocks, you can create a small but useful herb garden that’ll feed your family for months, even in the tiniest outdoor space. It’s also the perfect size to get the kids involved in the planting or weeding.

2. Build a cinder block bench

There’s never enough seating out on the deck or in the yard when you’re hosting a barbecue, right? This cinder block bench is an easy and attractive way to solve that! Pick up some lumber and get ready to host an alfresco dinner party. Got a bigger area to cover? No problem – there are many tutorials offering simple solutions to make your patio perfect!

3. Set aside a place to plant your pots

How about taking just 20 minutes to put together this handy potting station? It’s a great spot to divide perennials or make up some lovely container gardens for your porch!

4. Plant a living wall

Group several cinder blocks together, stacking a few to play with the height, and plant them full of succulents. This makes a striking focal point anywhere in your garden!

5. Decorate to your heart’s content

Turn an old cinder block into an attractive outdoor planter with some color and creativity. Cinder blocks are easy to paint if you want to add some punch to your garden. Grab the kids and make some eye-catching stencils to make floral, leaf or geometric designs. Use multi-surface acrylic paint and a foam brush, and get creative!

6. Grill like a champ with a cinder block barbecue

If you’re feeling ambitious, fulfill your dreams of having an outdoor kitchen by making this cinder block barbecue. Now that’s a weekend project worth doing!

7. Solve your slope

If your property isn’t level, why not make steps out of cinderblocks to make the best use of your sloped land?

Tell us how you’ve repurposed cinder blocks into practical items or works of art in your garden, and don’t forget to share your photos!


Courtesy of http://www.designimprovised.com

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