6 DIY Garden Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate your loved ones this Valentine’s Day by grabbing the kids and making some of these fun DIY gifts for the gardeners in your life. These family-friendly crafts are a great way to keep busy on a frozen winter afternoon!

If you were smart enough to recycle your Christmas tree, take some of that sweet-smelling wood you saved and make these adorable Love Coasters featuring your sweetheart’s initials entwined with your own. Or, saw off a larger chunk of the trunk (or use a big fallen branch or hunk of firewood) to create You + Me on a Tree, a rustic sculpture that will liven up any corner of your living room! This one requires some skill with a utility knife and a wood-burning tool, but then you can let the little ones draw inside the hearts you’ve carved out.

How sweet are these Love Rocks?! And so incredibly easy to do: all you need are assorted rocks from your garden – be sure to wash them before starting this craft – some permanent markers, and a coat of Modge Podge to seal the deal! You’ll want to give them to everyone. Just be sure to keep some for yourself!

Who doesn’t have a cupboard full of Mason jars lying around? Take a few out and give them the star treatment for a lovely Valentine’s Day bouquet by transforming them into Sweetheart Vases. Wrap them with red and white twine and some felt hearts, or come up with your own design and watch the smile light up your sweetie’s face!

Want some greenery that’s next to impossible to kill? Make these fun and practical succulent planters and whimsical cards. They’re perfect for the low-maintenance-loving gardener in your life!

Believe it or not, spring is just a few weeks away! That means these small seed starters make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift. The children can decorate mini jars while you gather the rest of the ingredients to get gardening season off to a great start. You can include seeds for herbs, vegetables or flowers.

How are you going to spoil your valentine this year? Share your gift ideas with us!


Love Rocks – Courtesy of Elise Engh, Grow Creative

You + Me on a Tree – Courtesy of Jamie Daming, Three Scoops of Love

Sweetheart Vase – Courtesy of Kelly Roenicke, The Pretty Bee

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