5 Ways to Make Your Garden Super Scary for Halloween

Boo! It’s time to trick out your garden to welcome all goblins, ghosts and phantoms with spooky decorations. Here are several fun and affordable DIY projects you can do with the kids to transform your front and back yards for the Halloween season.

Create a creepy cemetery

Gather up some recycled cardboard from shipping boxes and paint, and get creative! It’s easy to make aging tombstones: draw and cut out different shapes – arched, rectangular, oval – cover them with different shades of gray paint, and add scary details like ‘RIP’. Glue your tombstones onto wooden stakes and lay them out to look like a mini-graveyard. Or, make a path that trick-or-treaters can follow.

Build a massive stuffed spider

Grab some large black garbage bags, and old newspaper or leaves to stuff it with. Fill one trash bag with paper or leaves and tie it up. This will be the spider’s body. For the spider’s legs, fill just the length of a bag, and wrap the rest of the bag around itself a few times. Create scary eyes with white cardboard or other materials.

Light up your walkway with terrifying ghost lights

Collect and wash out 10 empty plastic milk jugs and cut or drill a small hole at the bottom. Using a black marker, draw faces onto the jugs, or cut out elements from black construction paper or felt. Insert string lights inside each jug, or use an artificial candle.

Showcase your garden tool collection with zombie hands

Put your trusty hand tools to a twisted new use by using them in a display of zombie hands! Arrange several terra cotta planters together on your balcony, and ‘plant’ some fake rubber hands to make them look like they’re reaching up from the soil. Place a small spade, trowel or rake into each hand.

Make ghosts out of chicken wire, packing tape, or a perfectly placed pair of eyes

The best ghosts are the ones you can hardly see! A roll of chicken wire can easily be shaped into the shape of a willowy ghost hanging out near your shrubs or hanging from a dangling tree branch. To make tape ghosts, you’ll need about three rolls of clear tape, plus a dress form or mannequin. Want to make your bushes even spookier? Cut up white plastic plates into scary eye shapes, and use black marker for the pupils. Hang them wherever goblins would hide!

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Backyard cemetery 1:
Photo Credit:
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