5 Ways to Keep Pests Away from Your Garden

Your garden is a glorious place, filled with lush greenery, tasty produce and flowers bursting with color – is it any wonder that so many pests want to hang out there? If you find that much of your hard work planting, weeding and maintaining your outdoor space is undone by animals and insects determined to dig up, eat or destroy everything in sight, here are some ways to deter them from choosing your property as their go-to vacation spot.

1. Make your space unappealing to animals

It sounds counter-intuitive, since we spend so much time ensuring our yards are welcoming and beautiful, but there are ways to set up your garden that will discourage local wildlife from setting up camp. For example, trim vines and tree branches that touch your fence, porch, walls and roof, so that animals don’t have a clear access path to your property. Did you know that rabbits can produce 18 baby bunnies in one season? Don’t give them a warm spot to expand their family! Clear out about a foot’s worth of branches underneath shrubs and trees, so you’re not providing hiding spots. And get rid of any piles of wood or other junk that attracts them.

2. Lose the buffet options

Pests will flock to your backyard if there’s food, so harvest any fallen fruit or walnuts using your Weasel Large Nut Gatherer. Remove any pet dishes from your patio, and make sure your trash compost bins aren’t providing an open invitation – use bungee cords to securely close them tightly.

3. Build bugs a hotel

Want to rid your garden of harmful insects such as aphids, mites and mealybugs? Set up a ladybug feeder – this beneficial insect feasts on 50 bugs a day – or an insect hotel with compartments where bees, butterflies and wasps can safely lay their eggs or hibernate. While you’re at it, put up a bat house – did you know one small brown bat could eat more than 1,000 mosquitos in one night?

4. Scare them away

Animals don’t like to be sprayed with water, so consider setting up a motion-activated sprinkler that will quickly discourage them from returning. Nocturnal pests also don’t enjoy loud noises and bright lights, which can also be hooked up to motion sensors. Or, upcycle empty soda bottles by burying them mouth up in the ground – they’ll make a creepy sound when the wind blows, which is sure to annoy skunks, rabbits and groundhogs. Decoys such as owls are a great way to keep chipmunks away from your yard.

5. Serve up a feast that they’ll hate

In addition to eating your crops, groundhogs – also known as woodchucks – love to dig tunnels, and that can cause lots of damage, especially if they dig near your house or patio. Crack a few eggs into your soil and bury them – these rodents will stay far away. Or, mix water and castor oil and spray it over your plants.

What tricks have worked for you to keep garden pests away? Share your secrets with us!


Rabbit Photo Credit: Kristin “Shoe” Shoemaker Flickr via Compfight cc

Groundhog Photo Credit: anoldent Flickr via Compfight cc

Chipmunk: Courtesy Pexels.com

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