3 Ways to Become a Better Gardener

For people living in northern climates, gardening isn’t a year-round activity. That’s why the winter months offer the perfect time to brush up on skills such as: garden design, choosing the best plants for our space, planning for water features and organizing our tools. Here are some great ways to invest in your gardening education.

Sharpen your skills by taking a garden-related course

Whether it’s a class run by your local agriculture society or an online webinar series, learning from Master Gardeners and other plant experts can be a great start to your green thumb journey. Many garden centers offer courses for garden lovers of all levels. Attend a gardening conference or trade show hosted by your local university or botanical garden.

Find creative ways to organize your garden tools

Hopefully, you’ve carefully cleaned and repaired your tools before putting them away before the first frost, but now’s a great time to brainstorm about better storage racking or sheds that can help keep your tools in top shape. For example, measure your Garden Claw Pro and Garden Weasel Cultivator to figure out how much wall space you need to hang them neatly

Talk to like-minded people

Engage with other gardeners on Garden Weasel’s Facebook page, participate in gardening forums and attend lectures at your local library by authors of new books about plants or flowers. This is a great way to get your questions answered about new things you’d like to try in your yard, such as growing vegetables year-round or installing a pond for koi fish. And consider setting up a seed- or plant-swapping event in your community, another way to learn about different varieties that thrive in your climate.

There’s always something new to learn about gardening, so try one of these ideas to improve your knowledge before spring arrives.

Photo Credits:

Garden – Jaznak: https://flic.kr/p/cpEeAY

Plant Swap – Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: https://flic.kr/p/dCF7nD


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