12 Flowering Trees and Shrubs for Year-Round Beauty

One of the great pleasures gardening brings is layers of show-stopping color and texture at different times of the year. If you choose the right plants, you’ll have year-round interest in your outdoor space. In addition to sweet fragrance and pretty blossoms, flowering trees and shrubs are much easier to maintain than perennial flower beds, and they offer privacy, attractive foliage and bark, plus vibrant berries.

Once you’ve chosen the varieties you want in your garden, you’ll need your Garden Weasel Claw Pro to loosen and aerate the soil before planting. Choose sites that will allow for plenty of growth – your local nursery can advise you about which varieties will best suit your space. Here are our picks for the most beautiful flowering trees and shrubs to include in your garden plans.

Flowering Trees:

Pink Trumpet Tree
Featuring clusters of gorgeous lavender-pink tube-shaped flowers with yellow throats, this deciduous tree grows up to 30 feet. It prefers full sun, sheltered from the wind.

Flowering Cherry
With its wide branches and tufts of double pink flowers, this tree also offers lovely yellow-orange highlights come autumn. It’s one of the most widely planted flowering cherry trees in the Pacific Northwest, and needs full sun and well-drained soil.

Saucer Magnolia
This small, multi-trunked magnolia grows to about 20 feet and produces large, saucer-like, fragrant blooms of pink, purple or yellow in early spring. Some varieties bloom twice a season.

Flowering Shrubs:

This large shrub can be trimmed to fit a smaller space, and has lovely leaves that range from reddish-purple, golden yellow, plum red or dark purple.

Choose from bronze-red, orange-gold, golden yellow or burgundy blossoms; this shrub
blooms in early summer.

Also known as Carolina allspice and sweet bubby, this tropical-looking native shrub features shiny leaves, pointy dark burgundy flowers, and a sweet fragrance. Plus, after it blossoms, its seed capsules provide interest until winter.

With fragrant bell-shaped flowers in peach, pink or purple that blossom in late spring and do well in part-shade, this shrub also provides lovely fall foliage and seed pods. It’s also more cold-hardy, making it a great choice for cooler climates.

With its ball-shaped white flowers that produce red berries in the fall, this native variety is a lovely addition to any garden. It also attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies.

For high-impact in your garden, plant this striking sun-loving shrub. Its bold blue-to-purple blossoms bloom from late summer through fall, and it’s popular with pollinators.

Butterfly Bush
If you love lilacs, you’ll love this hardy shrub, nicknamed ‘summer lilac’. Its white, pink and purple flowers bloom in part-shade, attracting pollinators all summer. And the dwarf varieties are perfect when you don’t have a large garden.

Koreanspice Viburnum
Looking for shrubs that are tough and easy to grow? Viburnums blossom in the spring into pinkish-white flowers that carry a spicy fragrance, and in the fall, the reddish foliage provides a punch of color.

No sun? No problem! These shrubs flower in the shade, offering pink, coral, peach, white and purple blooms, along with glossy green foliage. Azalea comes in both evergreen or deciduous varieties so be sure to check the plan label.

Flowering trees and shrubs need to be watered and fertilized regularly, and require periodic pruning. Some plants blossom on old branches from the season before, while others bloom on new growth, or on both. Check with an expert at your nursery before grabbing your pruners.

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Buttonbush: Photo Credit: jungle mama Flickr via Compfight cc

Pink Trumpet Tree: Photo Credit: pennycarnathan Flickr via Compfight cc

Sweetshrub: Photo Credit: BlueRidgeKitties Flickr via Compfight cc

Saucer Magnolia: Photo Credit: Sheila’s collection Flickr via Compfight cc

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