12 DIY Garden Lighting Projects To Light Up Your Nights

Hanging out in the backyard in the evenings is surely one of summer’s greatest pleasures. It’s even more fabulous when your garden is dotted with light! Here 12 fun DIY garden lighting projects you can do with just a few easy-to-find supplies and some creativity.

If you’d like to brighten up a path or create overhead lighting for your outdoor eating area, repurpose some branches, wooden stakes or tree trunks to make these rustic string light poles. Another way to brighten up your alfresco table: A cast-off broken ladder can become this gorgeous rustic chandelier. No ladder? No problem! Take apart an old pallet to make this craft. Why not go big and go home with this fun hula hoop chandelier or incorporate some textural plants to make this stunning succulent chandelier – from an old pot rack!

Solar lights are inexpensive and so versatile – they can easily be transformed into gorgeous sun jars. Make them by gathering some clean glass jars, popping in a solar insert (or an LED tea light) and decorating your new garden lights by coating the insides with some Mod Podge mix and colorful tissue paper or sticky paper. Another solar light hack: Recycle old ceiling fan light globes by turning them upside down and inserting solar lights. Instant garden delights!

Raid your recycling bin for some tin cans and turn them into lovely outdoor lanterns. Fill each one with water and freeze them – this helps them keep their shape – and then get creative by punching out a design with a hammer and nail.

Create a show-stopping focal point on your deck by making a giant marquee letter with scrap wood and some string lights. Or, make a large rope light sign to spell out something summery!

Flip baskets, pots and outdoor containers upside down to make hanging lamps; a handful of string lights help make this hanging mason jar light add sparkle to any wall or fence. These hanging jar lanterns are a perfect way to dress up your porch railing. All you need are a bunch of jam jars.

Need a quick and simple way to turn a strand of bulbs into something sweet? Try making these cupcake lights – but don’t forget, they won’t last in the rain!

How do you light up your summer nights? Share your tips and photos with us!


Ladder chandelier: Courtesy of Bethany Ryan, UnskinnyBoppy.com

Hanging jar lanterns: Courtesy of Crafty Nest

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