10 Ways To Add Instant Curb Appeal To Your Front Garden

Want to create some wow factor on your property? The good news is you can enhance your front yard without breaking the bank. Really! Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas, or giving your existing landscape a facelift, here are some simple ways to make the most of your outdoor space.

Add exterior lighting

In addition to providing security to your home, low-voltage outdoor lights pack a huge punch, showcasing trees and other garden features. Solar fixtures don’t require any wiring and are affordable, too!

Draw the eye up by planting a tree

Be sure to check how big it will get before positioning it in your yard. Flowering trees are especially lovely in any garden.

Install some window boxes

This is an easy, quick way to introduce color to your property. You can buy or make the boxes yourself; put them under windows or on front porch railings. Mix flowers and trailing plants or aromatic herbs, to add a sensory experience.

Think about symmetry

Place two large urns brimming with tumbling ivy or flowering plants on either side of your front door, which will welcome guests into your home. Or add sconces on both sides, which will transform your balcony into an inviting, elegant space.

Put together a container garden

Instantly bring mounds of color to your front space by arranging containers of flowering plants along your walkway, or on your porch. Get creative by upcycling objects you already own to make unique living vignettes.

Renew your flowerbeds or dig new ones

Rip out weeds, add more nutrients to your soil and plant a variety of short and tall plants to add interest and texture. Upgrade your edging, too, because it will add contrast to your refurbished flowerbeds.

Choose interesting fences and gates

Arbors and fences can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Build it yourself, or hire a pro, but be sure to coordinate the color so it matches or complements the exterior of your house.

Create a focal point with outdoor art

Sculptures, birdbaths or even wind chimes add interest and whimsy to your outdoor space. Just be sure they’re weather-resistant!

Rock it

Well-designed rock gardens will add drama to any garden. Other ways to use stones include making curved pathways leading from the curb to your backyard, or as edging.

Divide and Conquer

Plant some topiaries or low-maintenance boxwood shrubs to create order in your front yard. These will provide year-round greenery, and you can shape them any way you like!


White fence with window box:
Photo Credit: Hunky Punk Flickr via Compfight cc

Walkway with flowerbed:
Photo Credit: DWRowan Flickr via Compfight cc

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