10 Creative Ways To Use Pallets In Your Garden

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project that’s both affordable and sustainable, we have some great ideas for you! Local garden centers, hardware stores and other big box outlets often have piles of wooden pallets lying around, and they’re usually destined for a landfill. You may also see them piled up in your neighborhood. Why not repurpose them in your garden instead? The following projects will instantly add interest to your space!

Pallets come in different shapes and sizes. Choose ones that are in good shape and not made from pressure-treated wood. Once you’ve brought it home, clean it off, getting rid of loose boards, sanding down splintered wood and removing stray nails. You can use pallets as they are, or spruce them up with a coat of paint or stain. Now it’s time to choose your project!

Go vertical

When you have limited space, gardening up is the way to go. Staple some landscaping fabric onto the back of a pallet, and then fill it with soil. You’re ready to plant a show-stopping, vertical pallet garden!

Eat your veggies

Herbs and vegetables with shallow root systems will thrive in this set-up, and you can grow a huge quantity of food into a six-square-foot pallet garden. Just be sure that your pallet is new and has not been treated with chemicals before you plant your edibles. Position your plants firmly in place so the roots make good contact with the surrounding soil, and add more soil if needed.

Hidden gem

Hide an ugly view — such as a water tank or air conditioning system – by leaning a pallet garden featuring drought-resistant succulents to create the perfect living screen.

A piece of art

Transform your pallet into a sculptural focal point by adding hooks, lighting and other accessories. Or make a stunning table packed with textured plants.

Line ‘em up

Make a feature fence by attaching several hardwood pallets together. Be sure to seal the wood properly so it lasts several seasons.

Greenhouse effect

Tuck a bunch of small pots into different sections of your pallet and top each with panes of glass to create a portable greenhouse that can be stacked vertically.

Compost bin

Instead of buying an elaborate compost system, why not make your own from pallets? Composting is one of the best things you can do for your garden, and this low-cost project is ideal if you don’t have much space.

Potting pleasure

Convert your pallet into this practical spot for planting or dividing plants. You can use timber from an additional pallet to make slats for hanging tools.

Raise it

If you have limited space or mobility issues, raised gardens is a great solution. Create this sturdy version instead of buying an expensive pre-built one!

Birdhouse beauty

Fine-feathered friends will flock to your yard if you provide a cozy home for them. These DIY birdhouses crafted from pallets are sure to attract wildlife.

There are so many ways to use pallets in the garden. Share your projects with us!


First photo: http://camelotartcreations.blogspot.ca

Third photo: FarOutFlora.com

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