Introducing George Burkhardt, the Inventor of the SPIO™ Sprinkler

George Burkhardt is the inventor of the SPIO™ Sprinkler.

George Burkhardt Inventor of the SPIO Sprinkler

The SPIO™ Sprinkler is an innovative and easy-to-use sprinkler featuring several settings and controls that it perfectly adaptable and user-friendly. And the exciting, new tool was developed, not by a big company, but by George Burkhardt a dedicated inventor trying to solve a common problem encountered by his family and by many other homeowners.

“I was looking to tackle a very real problem,” says George Burkhardt, the inventor of the SPIO™ Sprinkler. “That’s what makes us inventors — we are looking for solutions to things we see.”

Burkhardt, a retired Air Force engineer, explains that he invented the SPIO™ Sprinkler to avoid the physical strain that managing a normal sprinkler was putting on him and his wife.

“We have a large, funny-shaped backyard, and her shoulder was getting sore from moving our sprinkler all around. I wanted something that could reach all of our yard but also be easy to shut off — no more back-and-forth to the faucet or getting soaked when we moved the sprinkler.”

Just as Burkhardt designed it, using the SPIO™ Sprinkler is simple. Rather than bending down to adjust the water flow, you gently tug the hose to turn the sprinkler off and on, and the sprinkler features low and high water pressure settings, and four easily interchangeable heads. With this adaptability, water can be perfectly targeted and at the right pressure — no more watering the sidewalk or damaging more delicate plants.

His latest innovation, meanwhile, is headed to consumers. After receiving a patent for it in 2011, Burkhardt licensed the concept for the SPIO™ Sprinkler to Garden Weasel, a lawn and garden supply company based in Kansas City. Garden Weasel is using its own “from the ground up” approach to get the product to market, working through Weasel Innovation, the company’s dynamic team of designers, to perfect the tool. And to highlight its commitment to great ideas like Burkhardt’s, Garden Weasel is crowdfunding the SPIO™ Sprinkler on Indiegogo.

The SPIO™ Sprinkler is only available through the Indiegogo website. Back the campaign and pick the perk you want. Back this project today, and get 30% off MSRP.

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