Ground Breaking Tips

4 Ways to Embrace Your Imperfect Garden

Guess what? Your garden does not need to be perfectly manicured with razor-sharp edges and layers of cascading, color-coordinated blooms. Sometimes, when you simply let Mother Nature do her thing, you’ll get waves of lovely surprises all season long. We asked Master Gardener Jan Bills, owner of Two Women and a Hoe, a boutique landscape […]

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Garden to Table: Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Ever heard of healthy(er) chocolate bread?! Well, here you go! Chocolate Zucchini Bread…. because we all need a little more #veggies in our lives! 😉 Enjoy! View Recipe – #gardenweasel #gardentotable #healthy #zucchinibread Share This!

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Pump up your Pollinators: How to Make Your Garden a Home, Sweet Home for these Beneficial Creatures

Great vegetable gardens don’t just happen, you know! They require thoughtful planning, along with some know-how about nature’s shortcuts! Pollinators increase the bounty from our gardens without us even noticing it, says Newport News, VA-based Lisa Mason Ziegler, owner of The Gardener’s Workshop, an organic market farm and author of the new book Vegetables Love […]

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Garden to Table: Mango Black Bean Quinoa Salad

Well, the Spring temps haven’t been up to par these last few days in parts of the country, however, no reason not to enjoy some #gardenapproved #mango Salad! Here is an easy recipe to share with your friends and family this weekend! Enjoy! #comeonspringweather View the Recipe: Share This!

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How to Create an Earth-Friendly Rain Garden

If April showers bring May flowers, then now’s the perfect time to learn about eco-friendly rain gardens! Designed properly, rain gardens – shallow, planted areas designed to hold water as it slowly soaks into the soil – are great for the earth and beautiful to boot.  Also called bio-infiltration basins, these gardens offer solutions in […]

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