Ground Breaking Tips

How to Bring Music Into the Garden

The best gardens are sensory retreats – captivating visitors through gorgeous sights, smells and textures. And while water features add a relaxing tone to your outdoor space, incorporating music will enhance your experience even more. Here are some ways to bring sweet notes outside. Hang up various sets of wind chimes Whether you have a […]

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How to Grow a Countertop Garden

Love harvesting fresh veggies and herbs from your garden? Did you know you could enjoy delicious homegrown produce year-round – and grown inside? We asked horticulturist Shelley Levis, author of the new book Countertop Gardens, about how to set up and maintain an indoor edibles garden. When did you become interested in ‘thinking outside the […]

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Garden to Table: Broccoli Cauliflower Soup

Are you guys getting excited for Fall and all the #warmfoods that come with the season!? Here is a lighter soup to transition you before getting into those hearty soups this coming season! What is your favorite meal to make these days?! #fall #soup #coldweather #gardeningweather #perfectweather#gardenweasel #gardentotable #gardenapproved View full recipe – Share This!

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How to Create a Contemplative Garden

It can be difficult to find moments where we can simply sit down in our outdoor spaces and allow nature to envelop us completely. Yet we’ve probably never needed this kind of break more! We asked Rita Perea, speaker, author and founder of the International Contemplative Garden Association for some tips on unwinding, unplugging and […]

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Plant a Garden In Your Stairs

If you love to garden but are short on space and time, consider planting flowers and herbs in unexpected places, such as in between your stone garden stairs! Steps can do double-duty – providing structure and interest on a sloped property, but they’re also perfect planting space for species such as creeping thyme, succulents and […]

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Garden to Table: Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough

Sometimes you just gotta treat your self. And sometimes, those treats can even be healthy!! Check out this vegan, chickpea cookie dough recipe! Not always green, but always #gardenapproved! #gardenweasel #dessert #yum #chickpeas #getcreativewithfood View Full Recipe – Share This!

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