6 Great Apps for Gardeners

Who doesn’t love a shortcut, along with tons of information at your fingertips, all for free? Forget flipping through catalogs and load some of these fantastic gardening apps onto your smartphone or tablet – you’ll save time, money and headaches while learning everything from plant identification, how to spot weeds, and watering tips.

Garden Time Planner

This universal app helps gardeners figure out when to plant, move and harvest herbs and veggies, depending on what gardening zone you’re in. The app also creates a task list that will let you know when you should sow or transplant. Create a virtual garden with the database of plants and flowers, or check out some how-to videos.

Plant Diary

Need some help getting and staying organized? This Android app can be your new BFF – it features notifications for different tasks that need done in your garden and helps you keep track of how well your plants are growing and how much you’re spending, too.


Do you forget whether you’ve watered your garden? Check out this app for Android and iOS phones, which keeps track for you! You can keep a digital diary, add notes and photos – anything to remind you that it’s time to water! There are also tons of great gardening tips for beginners.

ID Weeds

Weeds! It’s so hard to stay on top of them, especially if you’re not sure what to yank and what to leave. This app for Android and iPhone is a simple way to identify weeds, and offers tips on how to get rid of them.


This iPhone app enables to you upload photos of your plants and add them to the built-in encyclopedia – and share them with like-minded gardeners via social media.


Unsure about which plants will thrive in your outdoor space? Overwhelmed at all the choice in your local nursery? This app makes it easy to ‘garden socially’ – connect with friends, neighbors and gardening experts and see what they’re growing. You can search for plants that do well in your area, create projects, add your own photos and categorize your flowerbeds. You can also filter your search by color, sun requirements and growing space.

Have you used any of these apps, or others? Tell us which ones you’ve found most helpful and don’t forget to share your photos!

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